The importance of your rights.
Our purpose is to achieve justice for our clients. Every day, thousands of people are affected by the negligence or wrongdoing of large corporations. These situations usually leave those afflicted with little to no chance of obtaining legal and economic relief. Our mission is to make the best resources available to our clients in order to obtain reasonable and fair solutions.

The importance of rigorous and high-quality legal services.
Our rigor and passion for the job guide us. We believe in offering first-class legal services at an accessible cost. With this in mind, we constantly work on designing efficient operational schemes, allowing us to increase our offering and attend the greatest number of customers with care in order to obtain solutions for them.

We believe in multidisciplinarity. 
We have a team of professionals from multiple disciplines. We not only have excellent lawyers, but also accomplished professionals from other disciplines supporting our tasks. We believe that diversity of knowledge produces better arguments, more efficiency and potentializes our results.

We believe in internationalization.
The world is our stage. We think of solutions for our clients that go beyond national borders. The world today is interconnected and the defense of people’s rights must have that same approach.

We are a leading legal services firm that defends collective rights. Our practice has an international reach. Since 2009, we have defended more than 10,000 victims in litigation related to such matters as the right to health, consumer rights and non-contractual liability.

We have an interdisciplinary team capable of covering all the legal, information management, communication and operational aspects required to defend the rights of our clients. Our team is made up of lawyers, economists, engineers and communication professionals. Likewise, we rely on an international network of allies in Europe, the United States and Australia, with whom we actively collaborate for the development of litigation on an international basis.

We develop effective alternatives to protect our clients’ rights. We are experts in litigation and have developed complementary tools and skills in aspects such as strategy, communications and negotiation.

We work on our cases from a multidisciplinary perspective focused on the construction of transnational cases based on expert interdisciplinary knowledge – not just law.

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